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Finishing item

Walls and ceilings

Description: High quality inner plastic tanks, fixed color, washable. Brand: ocarreT, notuJ, or equivalent.

A reception, living and bedrooms

Local ceramics, first sorting of high-quality walls and high-quality plastic paints for roofs

B bathrooms and kitchens



Bedrooms and living rooms:

Reception, roads and inner stairs

High quality imported marble

C bathrooms and kitchens

And terraces

C Bathrooms, kitchens and terraces: local ceramics, first quality sorting by amme G or artapoel C or equivalent

The healthy

Devices produced by DREDNATS LAEDI or TIVARUD or equivalent domestic production

sanitary devices

Noah each and accessories

Produced by IDEAL STANDERD, GROHE, SARRDESIGN or equivalent from local production.

Docking surfaces

poT ytinaV

High quality imported or local marble.

04 Electricity

A box and cranes

Produced by ONICTB, REDIENHCS, or equivalent.

05 openings

Interior and exterior doors

FDM wood, including accessories

External and internal openings

Glass and aluminum sections

Adaptation units

Air conditioning unit for each closed bedroom (except for the nanny’s room) in addition to an air conditioning unit with suitable capacity in the reception area

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