Hardwood flooring wood Parquet Supply company

Hardwood flooring wood Parquet Supply company

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The original form of wood and the top quality of boards wonderfully present
the natural aesthetic aspects of the material. It contains sophisticated stylish
flooring exposing all the natural characteristics of wood. It is suitable for
passionate people who love the style and aesthetic appeal and like to live
their lives to the fullest.
Artisan COTTAGE collection is designed to imbue the space with a
pleasant and contemporary feel by applying your senses. A dynamic and
authentic design dominates this collection and expresses the artistic and
free style of the biggest interior design experts.

• 100% wood, reliable composition, resistant to
temperature changes and humidity
• can be installed across the underfloor heating
• fast and easy installation
• can be renewed
• top quality for a good price
• does not cause allergies
• durable
• warm to the touch
• suitable for use
• regulates microclimate
• unique

The flooring from Artisan PALACE collection is a creative combination of size
and also the quieter, calmer colour shades and natural beauty. It includes oak
boards of larger dimensions (207 mm wide) with clearly visible edges, yet
subtle earth tones and unique and natural wood composition, emphasized by
natural oils or matte finish.
The collection will suit the ones who appreciate details and know that less
is more in a particular area. The beauty lies in the quality of the natural raw

Artisan CHALET flooring collection is suitable for heavy foot traffic areas.
The typical feature of parquet flooring is its exceptional durability ensured
by professional varnish. The collection of Artisan CHALET products is an
excellent choice for the people who are after good and proven solutions.
The floor combines serviceability, quality and affordable price. An important
feature and a secret of this collection are its natural beauty and the quality,
provided by real wood.
The collection is designed in order to imbue the space with a pleasant and
contemporary feel by applying your senses. This collection is enriched with
new, but highly desirable dynamic design.

With Artisan parquet flooring the finishing can have
several layers of varnish protecting the floor and
creating a surface resistant to abrasions, dirt and
micro scratches.
The parquet may as well be naturally oiled, because
oil penetrates into the pores and protects the wood
against humidity, emphasizing its natural characteristics
and aesthetic appeal. It can as well have oil protection
against UV rays, which forms a protective cover and
increases dirt resistance.