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Cracking: cracks in the apartment with modification of number 2 Insulation wall: Insulation of plumbing structures: drainage network (BR) – feeding network (BR) Sanitary kits Ideal Standard – Diorevit Italian mixers Electric bathtubs: main electrical panel – cans – hoses – Swedish wires certified – SAS switches and sockets – Adaptations telephone lines: drainage (BR) reception lines and a master bedroom – 4 mm Swedish wire lines – Manufactured air-conditioning equipment only. Carpentry: Moussed wood doors with rings – Comex accessories – Aster paints: Clamshell: The whole unit on plasterboard : To the ceiling of the entire apartment, cornices: gypsum cornices, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, gypsum boards: reception and master bedrooms. The roads are 150 c – and the rooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen do not exceed 100 c Alumetal: Jumbo PS sector Double glass including wire and accessories Weight as desired by the client Apartment door: Turkish armored door Decor: 3 decorative walls (paper – stone – marble) Designs: 3D design for the whole apartment

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