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Design Doors Company was founded in Egypt , Saudi Arabia , with the objective of meeting the growing demand for engineered metal products. We are specialized in manufacturing hollow metal doors and frames of different types for Industrial, Commercial,

Residential, Security, and many other special applications. We have been supplying many government projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and other countries for a long time. Also we are an approved vendor for many official and private institutions. in- house capabilities including Manufacturing, Engineering, Project Management, Logistics and After Sales Service have all contributed in achieving the trust of its customers and expanding its business to become one of the leading suppliers of Integrated Solutions for Security and Safety

within the region. Work at Doors is divided into three divisions:

For manufacturing Fire- Rated and ordinary hollow Metal Doors, Acoustical  Doors, Air tight Doors, and  other types of doors.

 For supply of door  hardware from different manufacturers with high specification which cover  American, European and British Standards.

For installation and maintenance of the different types of doors, in addition to executing long term maintenance contracts for major clients throughout the Kingdom


 The AF-FR Series All-Fiberglass doors are available with smooth, pebble grain or sandstone-textured face sheets and in 20, 45, 60, and 90 minute fire ratings. Tested in accordance with UBC 7-2, NFPA 252 and UL 10C requirements, the AF-FR Series have passed the 1-1/2 hour positive pressure test, hose stream test, and 250 degree temperature rise tests, and are labeled by Intertek.

Features & Benefits

Singles or pairs up to 4’ x 8’ maximum net size per leaf

Smooth, pebble grain or sandstone-textured FRP door face sheets with smooth door edges

Smooth face sheets contain high-gloss two-part aliphatic polyurethane finish, or acrylic primer only

Intumescent tape concealed under door edges for clean appearance

Fire-rated mineral core with edge blocking for superior screw holding

Stainless steel vision lites provided by Special-Lite or others

Smooth door is identical in appearance to AF-100 Series Doors with no metal edges. Painted finish only

Pebble grain and sandstone-textured face sheets are identical in appearance to AF-200 Series Doors with no metal edges and face sheets are through-colored or painted

Fire-Rated Framing

Pultruded fire-rated framing with a depth of 5-3/4” or 6-3/4” with 2” or 4” heads is available to provide a complete door system for industrial locations requiring fire-rated doors and frames. AF-FR Series Doors and Frames are covered by a 10-year parts and labor warranty.

 Hardware Guidelines:

All doors must be self-latching. All hardware must be listed for use on fire-rated doors. Maximum undercut above threshold is 3/4”. Wire chase of 3/8” x 3/8” provided for electrified hardware. Hinge

preps only – rated hinges by others. All hinge fasteners are supplied and provided fasteners must be used. Vision lites can be up to 616 sq. in. DLO per lite and 1232 sq. in. per door for 60-minute doors. Vision lites must be at least 6” from DLO to hardware. Maximum vision lite size in 90-minute doors is 100 sq. in. DLO.

Four (4) point latching is required for all door  pairs

• Hold opens

Flush bolts

Surface vertical rod exit device

Rim exit device

Mortise lock

Cylindrical lock

Surface closer

Butt hinges

Continuous hinges

Fire-rated stainless steel vision lite kits

Fire-rated glazing of any type in ‘/4” thickness

Fire-rated louvers up to 524 sq. in.

Kick plates up to 16” in height

Fire-rated mullions

Concealed vertical rods

Steel Door Frame

Stainless Steel Door

The Special-Liteo SL-19FR Fire-Rated AMP-Clad Door is the perfect complement to our AMP (Acrylic Modified Polyester) entrance doors for interior or exterior applications that require a 90-minute fire door. Tested in accordance with UBC 7-2, NFPA 252, and UL l0C requirements, the SL-19FR has passed the 1-1.2 hour positive pressure test, hose stream test, and 250 degree temperature rise tests to achieve Warnock Hersey listing for fire-rating applications in the U.S.


The SL-19FR is available in 30, 45, 60 or 90-minuted rated versions, as singles or pairs, up to 4’ x 8’ per leaf, subject to limitations. Face sheets can be specified in any of our painted or stained AMP colors.

 Enjoy the benefits of design flexibility, custom fabrication, fast and reliable order lead times, single-source convenience and quality workmanship, all backed by a hassle-free, 10 year, parts & labor Special-Lite warranty.


The SL-19FR Fire-Rated AMP-Clad Door features the same AMP face sheets as our SL-19 wood grain door bonded to a mineral core with a perimeter designed for secure hardware attachment. Edge capping and vision lite kits are natural finish stainless steel similar in appearance to clear anodized aluminum. Edge capping is screw-applied, welded and buffed at corners.

Hospital Doors With Special Specifications

Administratione office Door

Doors for Power And Control Panel

Wooden Doors with American Specificationswith metal Frames

Lifetime Warranty Against Corrosion


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