New finishing package at the lowest possible costs

Economic interior design

An economical apartment finishing package with a design company, free of charge, with amazing finishing costs

Cracking: cracks in the apartment without modification of the walls

Insulation: Bitumen insulation

Plumbing: drainage network (B.R) – feeding network (B.R) – Cleopatra sanitary kits – bathtubs

Electricity: main electrical panel – boxes – hoses – El Sewedy certified wires – keys and sas – telephone line – 2 receiver lines

Air conditioners: only manufactured A / C equipment

Carpentry: Moussex wood doors with rings within the limits of 5 doors – Comex accessories – Lacquer paints

Conch: a conch for cracks and after electricity works

Al-Masis: To roof the entire apartment

Cornices: gypsum cornices for the entire unit

Gibbs Board: Without

Paints: Waterproof Sealer Insulation – 3 Putty Knife – 3 GLC Plastic Face

Floors: ceramic installation for the floors of the entire apartment, the walls of the bathrooms and the kitchen, while the price per square meter for the reception and roads does not exceed 150 c – and the rooms, bathrooms and the kitchen do not exceed 100 c

Alumetal: Small PS strip, individual glass, including wire and accessories

Decor: 1 wall decor (paper-stone)

Designs: 3D design for the whole apartment