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Electrical contractor Supplying contracting electrical Mechanical in Egypt Electromechanical 

Who are we?

 We are a new growing company for supplying and contracting in the electromechanical field

 We are a group of experienced electrical & Mechanical engineers and supervisors share in the same Goals and Visions

 We are experienced in industrial field for 15 years each (local and abroad).

 We have a good experience in working under pressure with a commitment for the safety regulations to complete the work in a good quality and on time

 We have (as individuals) experienced places such as:

 Procter and Gamble Egypt

PepsiCo.(Pepsi & Chipsy)


Office: 6th of October, Egypt

What can we do?

We have two departments Supplying and Contracting

 Supplying, we can Supply the following

Electrical conduits with all categories (PVC, Metal, Flexible conduits …etc.)

Cable trays with all types (Perforated, Ducted, Mesh, Galvanized, painted…etc.)

All types of Cables and Wires 

All kinds of cables and wires accessories (labels, terminals, lugs, Isolation tape….etc.)

Electrical Panel Boards (Rittal, ETA, Hemil…etc.)

All types of circuit breakers and disconnect switches (ABB, Siemens, Moller, Schneider, AB….etc.)

All types of control components (ABB, Siemens, Moller, AB…etc.)

All types of Fuses and protection components.

Contracting; we have engineering and assembling


Design and fabricate the control panels

Water gates & pumping station control.

Control systems for Sewage works

Temperature control systems

Low voltage Power panels design

Motor control center

Power distribution panels, ATS, Synchronization panels


Control panels and desks.

Power panels.

What is our Vision?

To be by the end of year 2020 a competitive electro mechanical company in supplying and contracting in the industrial and commercial fields 

What is our Mission?

To work and deliver in a safe way and in a High quality.

To support our clients in the crises and emergencies and do our best to come over these times together because we believe we are business partners not client and contractor 

What are our Values?


Mutual respect, reliability and integrity 


Quality is uncompromised 


Working in a safe environment in a safe way 


Innovation and improvement are our way to compete in the market 

Human Resources 

Human capital is our greatest asset 

Our Policy toward the Client is that 

We consider us as a business partner, our client loss is ours and his satisfaction is our goal. So we are pleased to give the client the support he needs whatever it is, physical or technical 

Previous Works  

Working for P&G Egypt, Pepsi Co, Coca-Cola, Saint Gobain for Glass (SGG), Americana (ICAPP), MARS & Savola 

Various work activities with P&G Egypt in 2018 

Dismantle old packing conveyers and install the new one complete with panels- (PepsiCo-Pepsi plant Port Said)-2017 

Install LCC#8 in P&G (Fem/Care line production) – 2016 

Install 3 MCCB 800,1000 A C/W accessories and copper fabrication American (ICAPP 10th of Ramadan) – 2016 

Upgrade 12 packing machine UVA (P&G) – 2016 

Design, fabricate, supply & Install Seasoning upgrade system at (Chipsy- October) – 2016 

Kafr Eldwar Pepsi Distribution Center- Hand Held room Electrical works with AMC (Main Contractor) – 2015 

Supply AB safety guard switches, Schneider PLC card and Aron valve (Chipsy-Alobour) -2015 

2 Lighting poles Projects 36 lighting poles with foundations, 8 meter complete with their DB-Savola (USCE) – 2015 

Pepsico Egypt (Chipsy- Al-Obour Factory) Installation new production line RPS #3 with Ratomag (Main Contractor) -2015 

Install all the electrical works in the process area 

Install new 8 packing machines in packing area 

Install and termination all the panels for process and packing areas 

Install network cables between panels for PLCs communication 

Pepsico Egypt (Chipsy-October Factory) with Ratomag during shutdown – 2015 

Install two new motors with drives and cables 

Install electrical panels with cables and termination 

Pepsico Egypt (Chipsy- AlObour Factoury) with Ratomag during shutdown – 2015 

Dismantle packing lighting and install new one 

Dismantle 4 Packing machines with panels and cables to be installed again on October Factory 

Install new 4 packing machines with the control panels and all cables termination 

Electrical Companies & Electrical Insulators

We manufacture all spare parts for power companies and power stations and do sheet metal work and all spare parts for electrical equipment such as engines, generators and transformers.

Transportation Industry Air Conditioning Company