Finishing company in Egypt in the capital

Finishing company in Egypt in the capital

Company finishing villas, we work in the capital and all provinces

Al-Dar Company

We operate in the 5th and 6th of October, Al-Shorouk and all Egyptian governorates

The cost of finishing a villa in Fifth Avenue in Hyde Park

3800 plumbing bathrooms are only established

German BR material type 3/4 inch pipes + chemical insulation

The cost of the bathroom is mortar, workmanship and drainage

Cornice Futic price per meter, according to the form from 30 to 50 pounds per meter

Electricity cost wires (Swedish wire type)

2 keyboard (Hajar or O’Marlene)

Hoses type: Mustafa Mahmoud

Doors Prices for doors, without paints, without hooks, without calories

11500 10500 American oak doors (price according to figure)

3500 oak veneer doors

2,800 Swedish Musk doors

850 Door paint, Italian ores, Italian made, sprayed, like furniture

1150 Painted polyester door

145 Gibson Board, suspended ceiling, in m, accessories, clean materials, per square meter

4000 indoor kitchen plumbing establish only raw materials and factory
Parquet meter without workmanship without cement without sand
450musky long strips with forage paint only
625 Musky slices, m x 10 cm, forage and lobule
60 ceramic workmanship flat meter + sand and cement (without the price of ceramic)
25 ceramic overalls factory price per square meter + sand and cement (without the price of ceramics)
450 steps stairway marble granite 4 cm without sand without cement
1100 black marble staircase staircase
1800 meters staircase handrail, iron, forge iron, and electrostatic workshop
3000 square meters, stainless stair railings, according to the shape, price per square meter starts from
80 per square meter paints per square meter for walls and ceilings, Jotun mortar and industrial materials
10,000 i.e. labor for sand, cement, ceramics and waste transport
850 for air-conditioners if no air-conditioning room cost per line
Cameras and recorder by type
300 250 Le Hercup Air Conditioning Units, Air conditioners, Meter, Copper
Camera wire 50000 40000 Camera wire and Italian aerial materials and workmanship
For ceramic photos that will be sent to you, the price is 60% discount.
For porcelain photos that will be sent to you, the price is 25% discount.
This is a statement of actual cost, in addition to supervision ___%, subject to discussion, according to the role and work volume

The second offer is 2000 pounds, without oak doors
If the doors Arrow the price per square meter 2100 pounds
The third show, you answer the materials, and we answer the Sanayeh and supervision ratio
_% Negotiable, depending on the role and the workload

The company works in finishing villas and apartments at the level of High Super Lux – Lux finishing – normal finishing in Egypt it is difficult now to choose a finishing company in Egypt

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