Finishing contract in the new capital

Finishing contract in the new capital

Company finishing the capital in the new administrative capital

Apartment finishing contract in the new administrative capital, a normal Lux finishing

It was agreed between the first party Mr.

And Mr. Second Party

On finishing the unit, building number, project area number

Apartment specifications 

Specifications of agreed finishes: fully finished, with the following specifications:

1- Finishing the electrical works: Establishing El Sewedy or the Egyptian cables, using 4 million for the air conditioners

And 3 million for heaters and the like, and 2 million for stools and bulbs + shower wire, telephone, and finishing the COMEX shower at the market price and the pecino keys or the like with the same quality

2- Finishing plumbing works: establishing the German Sharif or the PR

3- Sanitary finishes: Ideal Standard or Drvit, and the Chinese-made mixers are of very high quality

4- Finishing the gypsum works: making a plaster + cornice for the entire apartment.

5- Flooring and ceramics finishes: The first party shall determine the required quality at a price (…. pounds per meter).

6- Finishing carpentry works: (Albrower + Al-Zwi + kitchen and bathrooms cornice + interior doors at a price of ….. c per door)

+ COMEX door handles at a price (…. EGP for one handle)

7- Finishing the work of paints: Use Jotun or Sayes paints and ester paints for interior doors only.

8- Finishing works with decorations with paints: cutting a wall with a paste with a pitch, or making an antique staple and the like

Additional work is at the expense of the first party, such as exceeding the prices shown above and internal adjustments or the installation of iron

Or the installation of Alomantal or marble works from the lintel and the marble of the kitchen sink or the work of glass, mirrors and the like, which are not agreed upon.

Additional works agreed upon between the two parties:





The amount of additional work agreed upon between the two parties () The total amount ()

How to pay the agreed finishing amount:

Down payment 25% upon contract.

50% down payment when installing ceramic.

Third payment: 25% immediately after finishing the paints, before supplying and installing the sanitary, and before final finishing and installing the accessories

The first party the second party

The name /

Signature /

Title /

Phone /

Finishing villas and turnkey apartments

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