Finishing specifications of apartment

Finishing specifications of apartment 133 meters

Include the following

Electricity works

3mm lighting, 6mm adaptations, 4mm Swedish wire heaters, Mohamed Mahmoud pipes and 34-line counters certified.

Porcelain flooring works, bathrooms, kitchens, high quality rooms, HDF wood.

Decorations for reception, according to the client’s choice from Gibson Board.

The healthy

Without mixers – Addet Ideal stand + Otto lock toilet base and hanging basin + bathtub + kitchen sink.

Plumbing works

Fitting of 20 mm BBR feeding tubes with warranty + drain pipes with warranty and testing under pressure.

House painter

Jotun washable material.

Finished specification doors

Arrow veneer carpentry + ester paints + high quality door accessories.

Apartment assay 133 meters


Jumbo glass double glass soundproof and dustproof.

The work of the windows, shutters, and automatic shutdown mats with the remote control.

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